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Do you love telling your friends about Guy Harvey? Become a Campus Representative!
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Do you love telling your friends about Guy Harvey? Become a Campus Rep and get free gear to give away at your events.
We have collegiate Tees to show your school pride, and especially for the ladies we have our super cute Guy Harvey dorm collection! Juniors Dorm WearCollegiate Collection

Become a 2012 - 2013 Guy Harvey Campus Rep

Receive FREE promotional materials, product, stickers and other items as an AFTCO & Guy Harvey campus rep. Campus reps help to develop and strengthen relationships with local retailers, promote our online presence, provide valuable feedback and promote the line of college t-shirts and other product through party sponsorships.

Some highlights of the program include:

  • Event Sponsorship - Initial access to a wide range of Guy Harvey materials: stickers, banners, hats, shirts, etc. Additional backing for large and special event sponsorship.
  • Initial $250.00 in Free Personal Apparel - Each Guy Harvey campus rep receives $250.00 of Guy Harvey product that is theirs to keep. Reps will also have free access to additional Guy Harvey product and prototypes throughout the school year.
  • Campus Rep Rewards & Incentives - End of term prizes such as autographed Guy Harvey giclee paintings, books, and shirts are awarded to hard working and creative campus reps. Proto-type and pre-released products are awarded on a monthly basis.
  • Career Opportunities - Letters of recommendation issued from AFTCO's VP of Sales. Potential full time employment opportunities. We recently brought last year's "Campus Rep of the Year," Alex Chandler, on as a full time member of our staff and team.

We have open positions at more than 50 Universities.
Learn more and check school availability to apply online!

Customer Assistance 1-877-Guy Harvey 6:00 AM - 5:00 PM (PST) Monday - Friday