Dolphinfish Research Program Guy Harvey and AFTCO are official sponsors of the Dolphinfish Research Program.
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Dolphinfish Research Program.

Guy Harvey and AFTCO are proud to be official sponsors of the Dolphinfish Research Program. It is privately run by Don Hammond of Cooperative Science Services, LLC., and is very important for a better understanding of the dolphinfish population in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.

Dolphinfish ResearchThe 2012 study of dolphin movements and migrations was assisted by 102 different sports fishing vessels fishing the Gulf of Mexico, U.S. Atlantic Coast northward to New Jersey, the Bahamas and Caribbean Sea. The crews of these vessels tagged a total of 1,147 dolphin.

A record number of 173 new anglers/boats were signed up to tag dolphin in 2012. Most of the top contributing boats have been tagging for several years. Typically, these boat crews have built an increased interest in the program from recaptures of their fish. They have learned that with a little diligence and effort, they can find out where their fish go. Other motivating factors are a desire to contribute to science and the future well-being of the dolphin stock, a fish they love to catch.

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